Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad: in Rust

When I see a beautiful rusty eye shadow, it is hard for me to tell myself that I don't want it... because I do. So I tell myself that I don't need it, (you won't see it often on my eyes)... but that doesn't stop me either.
Kat Von D's original Shade+Light eyeshadow palette has it's own cult following. I wasn't and still am not tempted, but when she released smaller quad versions this spring, I knew I had to take a closer look at Rust... because of that one shade, that looks more orange than rust in my pictures :)
The texture of these shadows is so perfect... the words soft, creamy, and silky come to mind when I think of them. If the original palette has the same formulation I understand the love many have for it.
I wore this once so far, and loved it... but I put it away for now. This color scheme is perfect for fall... October/November this will most likely be my most used item. Right now it doesn't suit my summer mood... but still no regrets in having made this purchase.

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