Sunday, June 26, 2016

Regret - Tarte Maracuja Neck Treatment

Lovely packaging (that rich purple), nice light scent (barely there), rich texture (feels nourishing)... but... it doesn't sink in. I'll apply it, and 15 min later run my fingers over my decollete and moisturizer balls up... it's weird... and has resulted in clogged pores on my chest... not majorly obvious, but my fingertips feel that "bumpy" texture... Not cute,  I don't like it...

I've stopped using this on my neck and decollete .. but won't throw it out because I paid good money for it. I'll see how it does as a foot cream.

Based on my experience, I don't recommend it. Tate makeup = great , Tarte neck cream = not so much.

I have my sight set on a similar product from a different brand... but first I'll let my skin return to it's pre-Tarte state.

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