Friday, July 22, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes to Hypnotise - Silver Leopard

I'm not sure when, but not long after CT released her Magic Foundation I visited the counter at HR to acquire said foundation (I'll share my thoughts on it one of these days).

Today I'm continuing with my shadow series, to show you this additional purchase I made at the same time. I just can't resist anything with sparkle... department stores have the best lighting... like a jeweller... everything seems more fabulous.
I didn't make this purchase just for the sparkle, although that was an important factor... for some strange reason at that moment in front of CT counter I decided that I will start wearing smoky eye makeup more often. I don't know what I was thinking... I was possibly hungry and not thinking clearly; because I don't wear smokey eye looks like ever (occasionally my makeup will smudge and I'll have one by accident), and I have no night life to speak of (I prefer early mornings to late nights)... so I have no justification for this purchase... other than weak mind and no self-control.
I'm sure there is a tutorial somewhere out there on how to use this, I haven't looked. I do what I always do with intimidating shadows... use them as an eyeliner, or with a very, very light hand dust them onto my eyelid giving me a sheer wash of color not a statement... and it is lovely.
Shadows with a great sparkle never photograph very well (for me), but I do give it my best shot. Temptalia gives this shadow & pencil combo a rating of B+... but I found that Temptalia and I tend to disagree occasionally. So while I tend to read/watch product reviews, it is always with an open mind and sometimes a bit of skepticism (especially "sponsored" reviews) and in the end decide what's best for myself, on myself, by myself :)

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