Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Burt's Bees Goodies

August was a quiet month... but a little Burt's Bee haul occurred. I went in for a lip balm, but buy 1 get one half off was on and so I justified these 4.


1. Lip balm - Refreshing (grapefruit), and Nourishing (mango). Already used both, already love both... it's possible that I favour grapefruit slightly more.

2. Facial Towelettes - grapefruit. I didn't buy them for my face, I bought them for my feet. Let me explain. I've been doing regular yoga for about 5 months now. Summer time might be winding down, but it's still hot up north. I like to give my footsies a quick wipe with these before class. The scent isn't strong and doesn't last... but my feet feel refreshed and clean.

3. Almond & Milk Hand Cream - Because I needed a 4th to reap the promo benefits. Cracked the jar open, and I'm a fan (although in all honesty I only used it 3 times). However the scent is heavenly (if you're into marzipan / almond scents), and the formula feels nourishing and lovely. Feeling justified.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

IT Cosmetics Color Correcting + Anti Aging Blushin Veil in Sugar Plum

I feel as if IT is taking over my collection... but it is just so good that I'm OK with it.
This has made it onto my cheeks a few times... and as my favorite time of the year is approaching (autumn) it's going to be an even more frequent choice. The ombre in the pan alone is a feast for the eyes.
And it doesn't let you down once you decide to swirl your brush in it (heavy on the left, light on the right)... I have the original ombre blush (that I don't believe I ever talked about).... I think one of these days I'll do a blush collection post (there are so many)... or maybe just an IT blush collection, I have a few of those :)
Color, quality, performance... I haven't been let down.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Love - Lovefresh Vanilla Body Butter

I think I found the ultimate body butter; and the word butter utterly describes this product. It's made by one of my favorite companies Lovefresh. This company knows its Vanilla scent... seriously if I did not know this was a body cream, I'd reach for a spoon and have this for dessert... yum to the umpth.
Consistency... thick... very... very... thick. I loooove it. When I scoop some up, first I warm it up between my hands to soften it up a bit, and then go to town. It's rich and it shows... I describe my skin as glowing but you may call it greasy... it's a personal opinion.
I should have scooped up a bigger blob so you could get a better feel for how luxurious this butter is.
One of my favorite finds to date. I hope they never try to "improve" on the formula... this is perfection, and I'll gladly part with $24 CAD for another jar (8oz or 240ml).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Blush in Naturally Pretty

This blush was part of a TSC showstopper...  but it's a showstopper itself. Looks like nothing much in the pan... but it's so pretty on the cheeks. It's a matte blush that blends out so softly while blurring pores. The blurred effect doesn't last forever, eventually the pores win out... but first thing in the morning while getting ready, it just gives me a pretty boost.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Other than mascaras you can't lose with IT Cosmetics; I never have.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Herbivore Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish

I thought I was going to love this, I didn't (Lovefresh is still number one).  Reasons why I'm just not a fan.

1. Scent. Rose and coconut sounded so delicious... but actually the scent did not work for me. I think one or the other alone would be great but combined... something was just off.
2. Packaging. Glass!!!! Holy crapoly, was I ever careful with this in the shower, becasue...
3. Oily.  Meaning so slippery. I mean sure maybe great for my skin, but so dangerous for my well being in a wet tub... a slippery mess. I always made sure to clean the tub after... and still warned my husband just in case I did a sloppy job.
I liked the texture.... but that's the only thing I liked.
4. Price. $38CAD for 8oz/226g... while my favorite retails for $30CAD and I get  a whooping 16oz/500ml. $4.75/oz vs $1.88/oz equals no contest.

Tried. Tested. Not recommended it.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Buxom Full-On Lip Cream in Rose Julep

I'm a copycat. Saw this on someone, and it looked so pretty. I acquired one of my own. Has a lovely sweet vanilla cookie like scent and flavor. But also a plumping effect, so a tingly feeling on my lips, my husband says it "burns" and stays a away from my lips whenever I wear it.
Love this description on Sephora online:
"No shimmer or glimmer—just creamy, glass-smooth gloss, decadent color, intoxicating shine, and famous tingle for a gentle plumping effect. Encapsulated hyaluronic spheres infuse lips with moisture while vitamins A and E help keep them supple, protected, and extra kissable." 
Except for the very last part, it's all true
Rose Julep is described as pink punch; it's a lovely very easy to reach for shade.
I like a lot of shades in this range... especially Dolly... and I've seen a lot of love towards the White Russian.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lovefresh Deodorant in Moroccan Rose Absolute

I'm trying to incorporate more natural, organic skincare products into my routine. Deodorant is a biggie for me. It's something I use every single day (I suppose most of us do), and I would love to find a natural brand to replace my current chemical one.  For a while I used use this brand... but I'm wondering if they changed something in their formulation; because one day I wore it for a full day only to find two red irritated armpits at the end.

I was excited when I saw Lovefresh made a natural deodorant, and bought one. Out of all the available sents at that time, I chose Rose (most likely because they didn't have vanilla :)).  But those are my two go scents vanilla- rose, rose vanilla... followed closely by anything citrus.

Sadly I also get a rash from it. So I think I'm sensitive to an ingredient common to both brands... could it be baking soda? Or is my own armpit sweat irritating to me.

Love the brand, but his product is not for me.

I've found another natural brand that makes a baking soda free deodorant... I think I'll give it a go.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lovefresh Grapefruit Wash

Continuing with Lovefresh, I've been also using their body wash. Bought scent un-sampled, I trusted that Grapefruit won't let me down.  Well it doesn't smell like Grapefruit to me... or is this how natural grapefruit products should smell like? The scent is similar to an all-natural floor cleaner I like to use. It's nice it's just not what I expected.

Other than the scent thumbs up for this body wash. I like it, it foams up nicely, it rinses cleanly, and I'm being good to myself and the environment.

I think I'd like to try another body wash flavor from Lovefresh... most likely Vanilla... hope they make a Vanilla one. I just love anything vanilla.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lovefresh Coffe and Sugar Body Scrub

My favourite body scrub is made by Lovefresh. A Toronto based company that is all kind of good. Natural, non-toxic luxury... and it all feels and smells soooooo divine.

My all time favorite scent is Vanilla... I can't get enough. But a couple of months back I decided to break my Vanilla trend with Coffee. A java scrub first thing in the morning is very nice, but I have to be honest Vanilla is still my number one.
Real coffee granules in the mix make me paraniod that I'll clog my tub. I haven't yet, and I'm way beyond the half-way point. So paranoia not substantiated.
I highly recommend this brand to anyone... especially their scrubs. Look good, feel good, enjoy the experience getting there :)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow - Thunderstruck

While my husband was paying for his lip balm, my butt lotion, and nail polish... I was off to the side scanning a display. Just to pass time I dipped my finger into this shadow, ran said finger  across the back of my hand... and shocker (or maybe not :)) loooooved it. Jason has finished paying for our purchases, so I said to myself "next time" and we walked on.
 Next time turned out to be approximately 2 hours later, because I could not stop admiring the back of my hand. We went back, I bought it, and felt much better for having caved.
 Metal Crush Kat Von D shadows are so pigmented, and beautiful, I'm not sure how to talk myself out of buying every single one (there are 11). I hope that with enough Yoga classes I'll find my inner strength... and lots of it.
 Described as "metallic pearl" Thunderstruck is worth the $25 CAD that I paid for it.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

last night...

Tight deadlines, and critical deliveries lead to this type of exchange once home and halfway through my glass of wine..

Jay: I want to souse-vide an octopus.

Me: An octopus? Cuban or the whole thing?

Jay: (real slow) AN OC-TO-PUS

brain not in focus :) saving up neural power for the rest of the week :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

IT Cosmetics CC+ Vitality Brightening Creme Blush - Je Ne Sais Quoi

Can IT Cosmetics make a bad blush? No, no it cannot. Other than this mascara, which I just find tedious to use, this company is top shelf in my books.
I always tune in when they appear on TSC, and decide if the Showstopper is something I want or not (best deal). This blush was part of such a purchase, it came with the brush; and it is lovely (both brush and blush).
Bright pink in the pan, that translates to a perfect flush on the skin. So good. Claims of anti-aging good for your skin ingredients make me love this brand even more.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sol Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sometimes I'm confused by beauty lovers who will spend serious bank on face products: creams, serum, cleansers, makeup, but cringe at the idea of paying more than $20 for a body lotion. I am not one of them. I have a $ limit; but I do try to get what I consider to be the best for my skin and my buck.

The packaging caught my eye first when I was browsing Sephora one day. I liked what I read, and holy I loved the scent... it's delicious; and it lingers on the skin... for hours... so do not buy it without a scent sample first, because you'll get whiffs of it through the day, and a headache if you're scent averse. I slather this on after a shower, mostly on my bum bum (as per name) and tummy (need all the firming help I can get); and I can smell it all day long... so beware.

I'm not even going to attempt to describe the scent. I don't have the imagination.  I will only say yum.

Texture is luscious and rich and feels absolutely lovely on the skin. Too soon to speak of any Brazilian bum effects but fingers crossed :) Looks great on the bathroom shelf as well :)

There is also a foot cream available from this brand... I ordered it...