Friday, August 5, 2016

Kat Von D Metal Crush Eyeshadow - Thunderstruck

While my husband was paying for his lip balm, my butt lotion, and nail polish... I was off to the side scanning a display. Just to pass time I dipped my finger into this shadow, ran said finger  across the back of my hand... and shocker (or maybe not :)) loooooved it. Jason has finished paying for our purchases, so I said to myself "next time" and we walked on.
 Next time turned out to be approximately 2 hours later, because I could not stop admiring the back of my hand. We went back, I bought it, and felt much better for having caved.
 Metal Crush Kat Von D shadows are so pigmented, and beautiful, I'm not sure how to talk myself out of buying every single one (there are 11). I hope that with enough Yoga classes I'll find my inner strength... and lots of it.
 Described as "metallic pearl" Thunderstruck is worth the $25 CAD that I paid for it.

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