Friday, August 19, 2016

Love - Lovefresh Vanilla Body Butter

I think I found the ultimate body butter; and the word butter utterly describes this product. It's made by one of my favorite companies Lovefresh. This company knows its Vanilla scent... seriously if I did not know this was a body cream, I'd reach for a spoon and have this for dessert... yum to the umpth.
Consistency... thick... very... very... thick. I loooove it. When I scoop some up, first I warm it up between my hands to soften it up a bit, and then go to town. It's rich and it shows... I describe my skin as glowing but you may call it greasy... it's a personal opinion.
I should have scooped up a bigger blob so you could get a better feel for how luxurious this butter is.
One of my favorite finds to date. I hope they never try to "improve" on the formula... this is perfection, and I'll gladly part with $24 CAD for another jar (8oz or 240ml).

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