Sunday, August 7, 2016

Lovefresh Coffe and Sugar Body Scrub

My favourite body scrub is made by Lovefresh. A Toronto based company that is all kind of good. Natural, non-toxic luxury... and it all feels and smells soooooo divine.

My all time favorite scent is Vanilla... I can't get enough. But a couple of months back I decided to break my Vanilla trend with Coffee. A java scrub first thing in the morning is very nice, but I have to be honest Vanilla is still my number one.
Real coffee granules in the mix make me paraniod that I'll clog my tub. I haven't yet, and I'm way beyond the half-way point. So paranoia not substantiated.
I highly recommend this brand to anyone... especially their scrubs. Look good, feel good, enjoy the experience getting there :)

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