Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lovefresh Deodorant in Moroccan Rose Absolute

I'm trying to incorporate more natural, organic skincare products into my routine. Deodorant is a biggie for me. It's something I use every single day (I suppose most of us do), and I would love to find a natural brand to replace my current chemical one.  For a while I used use this brand... but I'm wondering if they changed something in their formulation; because one day I wore it for a full day only to find two red irritated armpits at the end.

I was excited when I saw Lovefresh made a natural deodorant, and bought one. Out of all the available sents at that time, I chose Rose (most likely because they didn't have vanilla :)).  But those are my two go scents vanilla- rose, rose vanilla... followed closely by anything citrus.

Sadly I also get a rash from it. So I think I'm sensitive to an ingredient common to both brands... could it be baking soda? Or is my own armpit sweat irritating to me.

Love the brand, but his product is not for me.

I've found another natural brand that makes a baking soda free deodorant... I think I'll give it a go.

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