Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lovefresh Grapefruit Wash

Continuing with Lovefresh, I've been also using their body wash. Bought scent un-sampled, I trusted that Grapefruit won't let me down.  Well it doesn't smell like Grapefruit to me... or is this how natural grapefruit products should smell like? The scent is similar to an all-natural floor cleaner I like to use. It's nice it's just not what I expected.

Other than the scent thumbs up for this body wash. I like it, it foams up nicely, it rinses cleanly, and I'm being good to myself and the environment.

I think I'd like to try another body wash flavor from Lovefresh... most likely Vanilla... hope they make a Vanilla one. I just love anything vanilla.

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