Monday, September 26, 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

If you think I bought this because the product is called "magic foundation", you are 99% correct.  I also bought it because it's a Charlotte Tilbury product, and I was curious, and pretty packaging gets me every time.
Some interesting (or not) reading on the packaging.
So in my humble opinion this has very good coverage. But for me full-coverage means, 90% of my imperfections/discolorations don't peak through... and that is not the case. Still I feel nicely evened-out, and flawless perfection is never my goal... I don't feel myself.

I apply this with a Real Techniques sponge (aka beauty blender equivalent), and it melds into my skin with no issues.  I set it with powder but not the recommended CT powder, because current beauty bank account is tapped out (and the want list is loooooong).

When I remember to prime first, I get approximately 4-5 hours of wear before t-zone maintenance is required.. if I don't 2-3. Regardless if I prime or don't there is one drawback to this foundation, it gathers under my glasses. I tend to have this problem with other foundations, but the gathering is minimal; with magic foundation it's obviously visible... I'm not a fan.

Final verdict not magic, but very nice (if you don't wear glasses). I'm not going to re-purchase... too many new releases to stick with an average product.

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