Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sol Janeiro Samba 2-Step Foot Fetish Cream

Bought this foot cream, because I love the booty cream (which I actually smear all over my body... started using it on just my bum and tum.... but it just smells so good, and it has fine shimmer... and well next thing I know my bum bum potion is an all over body lotion).

But the foot cream isn't winning me over. Granted it smells nice (kind of fruity and citrusy at the same time), but it doesn't have this rich feel, that I love.  I shouldn't be surprised, the packaging states "fast absorbing, non-slip"; so that's all on me.
 It comes with a file, that I've used once. It's a nice tool, but personally unnecessary as I exfoliate my feet daily with a  pumice stone in the shower.. so I've never encountered massive dry skin buildup on my heels (it's a serious pet peeve of mine).
I think this foot cream will be great for some. Sweet packaging, sweet scent, sweet feel.. if you're into the invisible feel (which I'm not)... I'm slowly working my way through the tube, and then moving on to something new or something already tried and loved.

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