Saturday, December 30, 2017

IT COSMETICS - Confidence in a Cream™ Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream

Used it up quite a while ago. A couple of notes:

Texture: too rich for my liking... my face just felt greasy with this on

Scent: yuck... think foot cream... did not care for it

Conclusion: great name... not a great cream... and that's a personal preference.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Beauty Haul - Nov. & Dec. 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette

I do believe this will be the palette of 2017. The one we'll all rave about at the end of the year. The one that sold out for the 3rd time on Sephora... and it is limited edition so they won't restock forever.

But what a bank-breaking, "I can't believe I paid this much for eye shadow", beauty it is. This is my first and only ND item... might be the only one for a long while. Need time to fill the hole this purchase made in my bank account :) Regardless of it's cost, I have no regrets... see below.
If you love warm shadow, and have the change to spare, and you find it in stock... then by all means treat yourself... because this one is gorgeous. One of a kind in my collection and definitely a gem I'll get a lot of joy out of.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Fig & Meringue

Found this sweet little duo in the temptation aisle as I was waiting to check out at Sephora one day.  Couldn't resist because I have wanted Fig for a very long time, I just didn't want to splurge on a full sized version... but two minis made perfect sense.
 I love Bite lipsticks. They're soft, creamy, uber comfortable to wear with a light lemony scent (to my nose at least).  Fig on the left and Meringue on the right. I reach for Fig more often, but they are both lovely.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Marc Jacobs Highliner - Deja Blue (57)

I saw this blue, picked it up, drew a line on the back of my hand.. and even knowing that it won't be reached for often I could not leave it behind. Because until I acquired this pencil I truly did not own a blue this pale... and the makeup lover in me just had to have it.

I'm not the only one who loves it. It has sold out online at Sephora (actually most of the shades from the matte collection appear to be out of stock), and in-store stock was low too (the locations I tend to frequent anyways - Eaton Centre, Bloor-Yonge, Eglinton-Yonge :)). Hopefully they replenished the shelves for the spring sale that started yesterday (depending on your membership level).

Because at $31CAD a pop any discount is a good discount.
Even though I'm dangerously close to 40, I'm not about to succumb to some "40+ makeup rule", which seems to be matte-neutrals only.... don't get me wrong I love my matte-neutrals but I also love glitter and colour. My makeup choices might not be yours, but that's what makes makeup fun.

And this shade is all fun, on the lower waterline for that eye opening/brightening effect, or just straight on your lash line because that's what the day called for.
I love it.

The serious drawback is the price, wish it was $10 bucks cheaper; because there are 4 other MJ pencils I'd love to own... but the price makes my almost 40 hands tremble :)

PS. At the time of posting this entry MJ Beauty is cruelty-free.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Going Cruelty Free

Tomorrow Sephora's spring sale starts (for VIB Rouge members at least)... I was reviewing my online basket, and it struck me that I want all my products to be cruelty free. It was sudden  and immediate, and since I have access to high-speed internet, I can not pretend ignorance of "I did not know"...

I don't have a transition period for most things... it just happens all at once, and I can't and don't want to ease myself into it. I just adapt, don't regret and move one. Example, for years I had long hair, and I mean loooong... one day I just could not deal with one more tangle, and just chopped it all off... no regrets... freedom and lightness instead. Yoga... April of last year... signed up started going 5-7 days a week and and still going strong (can't do any kind of arm balance, but here's to someday). Diet... when I'm onto something I'm onto it... when I'm not, I'm not. I don't know if that makes sense... it's just a part of who I am.

So cruelty-free... and I mean completely, because a brand might claim to be cruelty free but if you sell your products in China you're not (there that's the law). Example, Jurlique... one of my (now past) faves. Once China's laws change and Jurlique updates their page, I'll be happy to spend my money on this brand again.

If you're owned by a parent company that tests on animals, you're not (in my books at least). This might be a bit of a grey area... because you can view it as by supporting the cruelty-free brand you're sending a message to the parent, that hey maybe you should re-think your practices. Example, NARS is cruelty free, but they are owned by Shiseido which is not.

If I can't find your position on animal testing, or your status is muddled, you're out. Example, Peter Thomas Roth claims it's cruelty free but can't vouch for any of their ingredient suppliers.

So let me tell you when I made this decision, I felt sudden lightness, and removed everything that did not fit the bill from my basket and loves list. I felt as if I physically decluttered my life. The idea that my future (and some current) makeup/skin care has not been worn by an animal feels right.

Now lets back peddle a bit... because I've been a beauty junkie for years... and my collection includes a lot of products from brands who do test on animals... EL being one of them. I don't plan to trash it, I just plan to be more conscientious consumer from now on, use up what I can, and hope beauty practices change.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Project Make a Dent 2017 (MaD 2017) - Q1 Progress

First quarter of 2017 is over.... and time for my MaD update. Some things have progress and some don't...

Where we stood at the beginning of the year...

and current status
1. Chantecaille Le Mognolia Eye and Cheek Palette - "Office Basic" is what I think when I reach for this... shadows are soft both in texture and pigmentation. When I'm running short on time, this is easy to reach for.

2. Dior Blush Trianon Edition - Corail Bagatelle # 763 - Design is worn down a bit. This has a nice pigmentation, and I don't want to look clownish... but progress is evident.

3. DiorSkin Nude Glow Healthy Glow Summer Powder in Aurora - looooove this... wear it every day.... it just adds such nice warmth to my face.

4. IT Cosmetics CC+ Aribrush Perfecting Powder - I also reach for this almost every day to set my foundation.... this product is the top runner for being used up in 2017.

5. IT Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Illuminator - haven't touched this... creme hi-lighters are just not my jam.

6. Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill #6 (Khaki Pulse) - I'm going through gold/beige/brown phase... this just doesn't fit the bill at this time.

7. MAC Huggable Lipcolour (I'm Game) - wore it twice... sunny weather is almost upon us... plan to wear it more.

8. Givenchy Rouge Interdit Shine in Candide Nude (No. 27) - easy basic nude... one that even I can apply without a mirror... although I prefer not to :)

9. Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour (Sugar Frost) - I just don't have any love for this frost... this one might make it to the end of 2017 not be used once.

10. Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl (Black Coffee) - I reach for it a lot... but it's such a good pencil that I only sharpened it twice... smooth, great pigmentation, great wearability... I think I'll use it up.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fresh: Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil

This is one of the good ones... I love an oil cleanser at the end of the day. It melts everything off, and when I follow up with a "regular" one after, my skin feels clean, refreshed... no makeup residue.  

Seaberry is excellent for anyone struggling with clogged pores and/or breakouts. So I feel as if this oil cleanser does a bit of double duty; there was nothing I put on my face that this couldn't melt off. Having said that I don't wear waterproof mascara... I see no point... my days are pretty dry :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Lush Shampoo - Jersey Bounce

Used this up ages ago... just thought to jot down quick impressions. Loved the grainy feel of it, the way it lathered, the way it felt as I worked it in. Hated the way my hair felt once rinsed out; dry almost brittle, in need of immediate conditioning. 
My hair definitely had a nice bounce throughout the day... but I also felt as if my few tresses took a bit of a beating to get there... and what I have is not plenty enough to abuse.
Tried it.. used it up... not going to repurchase.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer - 01 Creamy Vanilla & 03 Light Beige

YouTube is in love with this foundation... claims of full coverage, and long wear abound... plus it's only about $10, so it just sounds like a gem.

I picked up shade 01 Creamy Vanilla in Miami; on Milani website it's recommended for "fair skin with cool undertones". While I don't consider my skin tone to be fair... I did think the color looked a bit dark in the bottle and felt that it would do.

Turns out Creamy Vanilla is YELLOW, not cool, but super duper uber WARM. So once back in Toronto I realized Rexall sells Milani products and I picked up shade 03 Light Beige.
It seems I don't care for full coverage long wearing foundation, that also doubles up as a concealer... I find it thick and it just doesn't gel with my skin type (oily, combo, sometimes dry, maturing). Throughout out the day it separates a bit and wears off in patches... We are parting ways at the end of this month...

Friday, March 24, 2017

Bobbi Brown - Camel 5 (eye shadow)

I've had this shadow on my "want list" for  years... this month I caved and bought it.  Have worn it once in my crease... lol... I don't know why I was so obsessed with it...
I find it to be pretty and easy to work with, but also not very memorable. I'm glad to finally have it, even if it's not the one I reach for daily...

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

bareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream Lipgloss - Totally

Shade Groovy sold out in a hot second... when one very popular YouTube beauty guru proclaimed it her favourite nude shade.

I wanted Snarky as my first shade, but then decided on a nude shade called Totally.
Every time I wear it, I say to my self "I don't like the scent, I like the scent... no I don't like the scent... no the scent is fine..." and on and on. The color wins the debate... It's a pretty neutral nude.. not too pink.. not to beige
Totally worth having :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Milani Powder Blush - Tea Rose 08

Milani website had this blush categorized as vegan, and I mean this shade in particular not the whole lot in the series... so when at Rexall one day,  I decided to grab it... it was on sale as well.
I do love the rose pattern...
and love the color payoff... a lovely light romantic pink... the season for this shade of blush is fast approaching... and this will be in regular rotation...
pretty, pretty...

Saturday, March 18, 2017

CHANEL Pearl Drop 511 - nail polish swatch

Not sure where or when I acquired this one... but I'm sure I believed it to be a limited edition worth having.

Mani Lineup:
Essie - First Base Base Coat - base 1 coat
CHANEL - Pearl Drop - color, 2 coats
Deborah Lippmann - On A Clear Day - topcoat, 1 coat
Zoya - Hurry Up - drying drops, 1 drop per nail
No sun, but one grows tired of waiting for it... Pearl drop is an appropriate name for this one... pearly white with a gold shift... not regretting this purchase :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kiko Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow - 03 Pearly Sand - Satin Taupe

South Beach had a store dedicated to this brand... dropped in just to browse (because by this time my makeup money was all gone :)) and these duos stole my heart... I wish I picked up #23 as well... something to put on my list for next time.
Half the pan is sparkle bonanza, the other half a complimentary matte.
There is no way for my camera to capture the shimmer, I tried by going out of focus.
My suggestion is if you find yourself near a Kiko display, go and play, and find your favourite :)
I'll be visiting Portugal in a couple of months... and Kiko website has Portugal listed as a shopping option... will keep my eyes open.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette

Last palette I scored at Ulta (South Beach)... was this item from my "want list"... last one on the shelf (during my visit).  I really wanted a full sized tube of the eye primer as well, but it wasn't available, happily deluxe sample came included with the palette.
Finger swatches in the store blew me away... shadows so soft, so pigmented, I was on a makeup high.  Then I got it home, photographed it... and started to play with it... and found out that finger swatches are half the story. Love the mattes: Undressed, Undeniable, Unedited, Unwind, and Unafraid (which has some sparkle). Seriously dislike the other 5; the fallout is incredible my cheeks end up as sparkly as my lids... I don't want to play with them anymore.
If I had another chance I'd leave it on the shelf... but I have it now so half of it will come in handy... the other half will be played with if/when I have the patience and no-place to be :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette

I have wanted to get my hands on this one, since the day I learned of it. But Ulta shipping charges are a very effective deterrent.

It was the first thing I grabbed at Ulta while in Miami. Not buying it was not an option.
Each row of 3 shades from left to right or right to left :) is a look in itself... steps to re-create it included in the little peanut butter pamphlet. I've tried them all in my own way, and I enjoyed the results. Some of you may desire other shades to create a complete look, but for me this palette delivers... that's not to say I won't ever enhance it with some other stuff I own.
Pretty, pretty, pretty... love them all
I found out a few days ago that a Peanut Butter and Honey palette is being released.... I saw images and I'm not sad I don't have it... that's not to say I wouldn't buy it if I had the chance :)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette

We had a little bit of an R&R in February in South Beach.... our hotel, weather, food.. it was all so fantastic. How does one make permanent vacation their job? :)

I hit up Ulta and got myself a few treats that I can't get in Toronto. One of them being this palette. A pretty recent release by Tarte that has been getting a lot of YouTube love.
 And I must say that except for one shade (Lace - the biggest pan) I am not disappointed. Love the colors, pigmentation, texture, application... all so good. Lace has loose glitter (can't see it in my photo) that ends up on my cheeks not my eyelids... I dipped my brush in it once, don't see myself doing it again.
 They all swatch so evenly... I had no luck capturing the glitter in Lace... maybe it's something you need to experience for yourself :) I'd still recommend this beauty to you ... because maybe like me you don't care for one dud, or maybe unlike me you know how to handle glitter fallout :)
It smell really good too... I think of sweet cocoa every-time I open it.