Friday, March 10, 2017

Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette

We had a little bit of an R&R in February in South Beach.... our hotel, weather, food.. it was all so fantastic. How does one make permanent vacation their job? :)

I hit up Ulta and got myself a few treats that I can't get in Toronto. One of them being this palette. A pretty recent release by Tarte that has been getting a lot of YouTube love.
 And I must say that except for one shade (Lace - the biggest pan) I am not disappointed. Love the colors, pigmentation, texture, application... all so good. Lace has loose glitter (can't see it in my photo) that ends up on my cheeks not my eyelids... I dipped my brush in it once, don't see myself doing it again.
 They all swatch so evenly... I had no luck capturing the glitter in Lace... maybe it's something you need to experience for yourself :) I'd still recommend this beauty to you ... because maybe like me you don't care for one dud, or maybe unlike me you know how to handle glitter fallout :)
It smell really good too... I think of sweet cocoa every-time I open it.

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